If you've found this site it's because you might be searching about tumours in the brain for yourself or for a loved one. Maybe it's educational or maybe you're just curious? Whatever the reason I hope my site helps!!

My name is Jude I am a nurse and I was 28 when I got diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a vestibular schwannoma or even just a brain tumour! I had it operated on in February 2011 & this is my story!

It wasn't there when I needed it, so this is just my way of making it easier for someone else. 

I hope it helps.

It's hard to write looking backwards, so sometimes I can't express the intensity of those feelings now, but rest assured that before my surgery dealing with this WASN'T easy. 


Most of my site I wrote as a diary during my journey so it's as real as I can get it. 


My acoustic neuroma, Introducing Morris, Proudly created by Wix.com 

Acoustic neuroma, Vestibular Schwannoma, Brain Tumour, Brain surgery, Facial weakness, Tinnitus, Deafness, Numbface, Neuromas, Gamma knife surgery, Watch and wait, dizziness and balance, retrosigmoid, 

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